My two biggest takeaways from THE ONE THING

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A quick 30 second overview. I am introduced to THE ONE THING by Gary Keller and it completely shatters my mindset. Helping me make huge shifts in my life and business. 

I’m so grateful for my buddy introducing this book to me, I wanted to give him and his business a quick plug..

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Alright so now that we are all on the same page, lets get right back into the action.

My 3 biggest takeaways from THE ONE THING

Now there were obviously way more than 3 takeaways, but I wanted to narrow it down to the 3 that really struck a nerve with me. The ones that really made me say “Wow, this is the stuff!”

Everything matters equally- “Equality is a lie” The book talks about how when everything feels urgent and important, everything seems equal. Think about it… When you have a lot on your plate to do, you immediately have this laundry list of things that need to be done. When in reality, a lot of it is busy work, and our ONE THING never really gets done.

This brings me over to my new big takeaway..

To Do Lists are a NO NO– We’ve all made them. In fact, that is usually how we get things done, right? I know before reading this book, I was a notorious “To Do Lister” I mean I would literally sit down and right out this huge list of things that in my mind, I NEEDED to do. And yea, most of it I did, but it was mainly the structure of how the list was written that I now know was wrong.

You might be asking, “Wait, what do you mean?”

Gary talks about making the switch from a To Do List to a “Success List or Should Do” list. Instead of our usual To Do that has a bunch of “could do’s” in there with our should do’s sprinkled in that might get done.

Makes sense huh?

Multitasking is a lie– Before reading this book, I would have my laptop open doing some work, while also checking Facebook, and having an extra tab open with ESPN giving me the latest updates. And then I would wonder why I couldn’t get any work done. Most of our culture in these times talk about “multitasking” as something to be proud of. It’s something that so many of us have grown to do as a second nature and feel that it is essential in creating fast success in anything we do.

Gary says this is a total lie.

When you multitask, your productivity for your ONE THING really takes a hit. He says that “when you try to do two things at once, you either can’t or wont do either well”

The solution? Understand that multitasking is not a good idea if you want to do your ONE THING effectively. Distractions will come, however it is up to you to channel that out and FOCUS.

Alright guys, so those are my 3 biggest takeaways from the book, hope it was as eye opening for you as it was for me!


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